Originally published at Powder Magazine

On this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast, presented by Powder Radio, host Mike Powell interviewed Greg Stump, who is among the most influential people in skiing ever. The man behind Maltese Flamingo, Blizzard of Aahhh’s, and other classics, Stump changed the way ski movies look, feel, and sound.

Stump talks about his growth as a skier and then as a filmmaker, shooting Scot Schmidt, Mike Hattrup, and Glen Plake, who was always pushing the boundaries of, well, everything.

Show Notes

2:27: Getting into skiing

4:35: Hotdogging and winning competitions

5:44: Sponsors

6:54: Partying during the ski days

7:50: Skiing in for Barrymore and Miller

10:53: Why make your own movies?

13:04: Afraid of Plake

17:30: Blizzard and money

20:30: POV Camera’s

24:34: Lucas Nelson

25:39: Tony Hawk

28:12: What’s next

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