POWDER TV: Stumpy’s Studio
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Originally published at Powder Magazine

Take a tour of Greg Stump’s film studio—part museum, part library—an ode to freestyle’s roots

“In 2005, Greg Stump moved into a small house on 2.5 acres outside of Victor, Idaho, the rural hamlet on the west side of the Tetons. What caught his interest was the house’s large studio, which a photographer had earlier converted from a garage, including neutral lighting, gray panels, and plenty of space. Stump, now 53, calls it ‘the perfect room.’ And it’s where he went to work on his next seminal achievement, the ‘Legend of Aahhh’s.’” —Matt Hansen

This is the video accompaniment to the story, “What’s In: Stumpy’s Studio,” which printed in POWDER’s January issue, Volume 42. Video and homepage photo by Greg Von Doersten. Video edited by Rupert Walker